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Clariant cooperated with Eastar to establish a laboratory

Clariant, one of the largest manufacturers of organic pigments in the world, was incorporated into the 2017 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and cooperated with Changzhou Eastar to set up a laboratory to carry out scientific research on vat dye package dyeing, silk package dyeing, metachrome cylinder continuation process and dark variety chromaticity, and achieved mass production. Many traditional textiles gradually lost their competitive advantages. After cooperating with Clariant, Eastar took product development as a breakthrough, and transferred the single package yarn processing to the current package dyed yarn, slub yarn and denim fabric products, especially slub yarn and yarn of various colors, which have become important varieties in the differentiated competition of enterprises. Clariant's organic pigment products have brought bright and saturated hue, which has greatly expanded the market, Bring greater development space for enterprises. Clariant and easta focused on the development of equipment steel around Kaidi electromagnet precision parts, Xinsheng, forging and pressing bed large castings; The industrial chain of auto parts and special vehicles should vigorously promote the cooperation in intensive processing, transform between the highest positions of the president and the prime minister, effectively promote the application of organic pigments in textiles, and make a significant contribution to the technology and market of organic pigments in textile applications

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