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call center, whether incoming or outgoing, the essence of its business core is the transmission of information and the answer of knowledge. It is responsible for transmitting the information related to products and services to customers, and at the same time, feeding back the needs, questions and suggestions of customers to the producers of products. From this perspective, the call center is a knowledge intensive organization, and its knowledge reuse rate is high. The key indicators for the improvement of the business quality, service quality and customer satisfaction of the call center have changed from simple personnel quality to knowledge utilization

first, the pressure and challenges faced by the call center

the management dilemma of the call center

first, the business dilemma

1). There are a wide range of products, rapid updates and changes, and more and detailed business knowledge

this is the development situation of many large enterprises. But this brings difficulties to the call business. Customer service representatives need to acquire and master a lot of knowledge about products and services in time. Who will provide them with knowledge in time

2). There are many specifications, many policies, and quick adjustments. The customer service representative should not only obtain and master the existing knowledge of products and services, but also deal with changes in product technology and service policies, so as to be able to deal with the strange problems raised by customers, which requires the representative to constantly accumulate experience and share the experience of others. So how to accumulate and share consulting business experience

3). The business processing process is complex, and the personalized training requirements are constantly improving.

the increase of product varieties and product scale will inevitably make the division of product service business more detailed, which brings about the complexity of business processing process. This has a direct impact on how the seat representatives can accurately explain the service process to customers, so they are required to receive personalized training on various business processing processes (knowledge) in a timely manner. How to do this

second, personnel dilemma

4). The number of employees is gradually increasing, and the turnover rate is relatively large

there are two common situations in call centers today: one is the high turnover rate of employees, and the other is that there are always many new employees. This makes it difficult for the overall staff (on the whole) to master and accumulate consulting business knowledge. How can the staff's skill level stabilize

5). The quality of employees is relatively low. How to shorten the training time

in general, considering the cost of human resources, most of the employees recruited are not highly educated. Relatively speaking, the quality of employees is relatively low, which makes the time for employees to enter the role longer. How to shorten the training time and enter the role as soon as possible

6). Problems with high technical content cannot be solved in time. How to improve the efficiency and quality of consultation

for many enterprises with a large variety of products and high technical content of products, some customers often put forward problems that are difficult for seat representatives to deal with and to find special personnel to solve. If there are more of these situations, it can be imagined that how can the efficiency and quality of the overall consultation be guaranteed

third, the dilemma of management and support:

7). Norms cannot be mastered in time

as mentioned above, it is impossible to master product and service norms in time by seat representatives (employees) alone. Obviously, it is necessary to find ways to support employees from the perspective of management

8). Consulting service experience is difficult to share

as mentioned above, the improvement of post skills of seat representatives (employees) mainly depends on the accumulation of post experience and the sharing of experience of personnel in relevant posts. To realize experience sharing, especially across regions and time, management measures must be taken to form a channel for experience and knowledge sharing

9). The knowledge in the experts' minds has not been well explored and utilized

in fact, the most frequent and most desired thing for the seat representatives (employees) in the consulting service is that the experts can help anytime and anywhere. But who are experts? How to quickly find experts, especially how to invite cross regional experts to help yourself? These problems obviously depend on management measures to solve

10). There are no measures for continuous optimization of post work.

the flow of seat representatives (employees) moves at the same time, which makes the post work skills unstable. Even if there are measures that are stable, they must be continuously optimized in order to make the consulting work level more and more optimal with practice. This is obviously a management issue

the ten factors or problems in the above three aspects that affect the core problems of the call center are details, which are also the problems directly faced by the call center. Actually, we can see that these ten problems are nothing more than: rapid acquisition of product knowledge, precipitation and sharing of consulting experience knowledge, rapid transmission of business norms and processes (knowledge), excavation of expert brain experience (knowledge), and promotion of post work knowledge to the best practice. Therefore, we can say that to solve the problems of call accuracy and efficiency and to reduce the operation cost of the call center, it is actually to apply knowledge management to solve the ten details of those three aspects

the above problems are the problems that the call center managers must face and solve at present. From a certain point of view, the pressure and challenges faced by the call center can be attributed to providing users with the information they need as soon as possible, which is the goal of knowledge management

in recent years, the knowledge management system has begun to attract more and more attention from call centers. Leaders from different industries, some large call centers in the financial industry, enterprises in the fields of telecommunications, retail and it, as well as the government's tax and social security departments, have introduced the concept of knowledge management into call centers, built a working platform with knowledge management as the core, and introduced the promotion mechanism of knowledge management to strengthen the business of call centers, Cope with the pressure and challenges

practice has proved that as a business organization with the characteristics of knowledge intensive, large personnel flow, and knowledge application can not completely rely on personal experience, the implementation of knowledge management in the call center has strong business advantages, which can easily show the value of knowledge management. The introduction and implementation of knowledge management system can effectively improve the speed of the organization's response to customer needs, In terms of reducing operating costs, it focuses on the functional characteristics of the belt tension machine. Automatic shutdown: the significance of sample fracture

II. Kmpro deep blue sea call center knowledge base solution

I. understand the call center knowledge management

(I) definition of call center knowledge management system

call center knowledge management system refers to the management system of knowledge and rules, which takes the call knowledge base as the core and retrieval query as the main means. Through the management of personal knowledge, product knowledge, expert knowledge and customer knowledge of call center employees, and through precipitation, summary, refining, optimization and other measures, they will eventually evolve into reusable organizational knowledge of call center. So as to improve the one-time completion rate of the call, reduce the subsequent processing process, and improve customer satisfaction

(II) five processes of knowledge management in the call center knowledge management system

the financial crisis swept the world: initially combing the various types of knowledge bases planned; Knowledge generated in the actual work of seats, second-line personnel, help desk, experts, etc; Competitive intelligence knowledge obtained externally, etc

precipitation: accumulate and precipitate in the business environment of the call center for everyone to share

Optimization: all participants participate to form a consensus in the business practice of the call center, which has been approved and confirmed

application: apply it to the actual call business to create practical value

Innovation: the call center has collectively and systematically changed its working methods, and the call business has been fundamentally improved

(III) three characteristics of call center knowledge management system different from general knowledge management

call center is also an information knowledge center

call center knowledge management system is quite different from general knowledge management, which is mainly reflected in the following three points:

first, the precipitated knowledge is required to be accurate and easy to understand. Customers are all laymen, and the quality of employees' answers directly affects their commitment to customers and service level. In order to improve the accuracy and understandability of knowledge, it is necessary to improve the knowledge approval system and process, and ensure the timeliness of knowledge update when the amount of knowledge is relatively large and the knowledge update cycle is relatively short

second, we must provide a means to quickly find knowledge. Users always hope to get the most satisfactory answer in the shortest time. In order to achieve this goal, it requires the system to provide comprehensive and accurate metadata for each knowledge, such as: title, description, keywords and so on; The system needs to carefully design search tools to make the search of seats faster, simpler and more effective; When the search tool cannot completely solve the problem, the system needs to provide flexible navigation tools, such as knowledge map, links between knowledge, etc

third, meet the needs of staff training and rapid promotion. For enterprises 12.0 that produce high-tech products, they must face faster and faster product upgrading; For enterprises that produce general-purpose products with multiple functions, they must face the complexity and variability of possible product problems. Therefore, employee training has become a key factor for the success of the call center. The call center knowledge management system should have the technical means and organizational system guarantee to support employee training

(IV) contents and requirements of callcenter knowledge management system construction

call center knowledge management building

as shown in the above figure, call center knowledge management building. It is a comprehensive system based on the call center knowledge management concept culture and organization, with people, knowledge base and mechanism as the core, which is carried out through the call center knowledge management information system, with the purpose of improving customer satisfaction

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