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Kitchen hardware: Qingzhen household vaporizer your wise choice

kitchen hardware: Qingzhen household vaporizer your wise choice

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product brand Henan vaporizer product model complete production city Henan shipping City Henan total supply 100000 minimum order 1 product unit price 1 set of measurement

kitchen hardware: Qingzhen Household vaporizer your wise choice

the biomass vaporizer produced by our factory has stable performance, safe and convenient use, reasonable price, and is deeply welcomed by customers! When we use the traditional combustion engine, no matter what fuel we use, we will smell some unpleasant odor more or less, or make people feel uncomfortable, or make people feel pungent, and even smoke will appear. The use of biomass fuel will save fuel by about 2.5%. We avoid 1. The maximum static experimental force: 2Kn. Biomass fuel has the characteristics of environmental protection, low pollution, high fuel value, combustion resistance, small volume, easy storage and transportation. The advantages of choosing particulate matter: first, combustion has no pollution and can protect the balance of the atmosphere; 2、 There is no harmful gas, ensuring people's health; 3、 It is easy to transport and saves human resources

these filters of biomass vaporizer cannot be decomposed and stay in the environment for a long time, causing serious environmental pollution, affecting human health, affecting water sources, affecting the normal use of land, and affecting people's living environment. It makes users stay in a bad and harmful environment for a long time, which seriously affects the health of users. Although many families have bought gasifiers, they often stop using them after a few days, which is one of the main reasons

the company recommends a kind of machinery - biomass pair screw gasifier with cooling system. Its role is to use the particles of crop waste (such as straw, chaff, peanut shell, sawdust, etc.) as fuel, which solves the livelihood problem of burning crop pollution

the design of biomass vaporizer is scientific: the vaporizer is composed of material barrel, purification device, pipeline, stove and other parts. The biomass fuel of household vaporizer passes through the gas making chamber. Under the condition of airtight hypoxia, a combustible gas is produced by dry distillation pyrolysis and chemical oxidation reaction, and the ideal combustion effect is achieved with the support of nitrogen and the combustion support of oxygen. The stove device system itself has the functions of biomass raw material gas generation, gas purification and automatic separation

as an enterprise specializing in the production of biomass gasifiers, the company is committed to improving the research and development of biomass gasifiers and ensuring the quality of biomass gasifiers with superb science and technology. The biomass gasifier produced by the company has the characteristics of high efficiency, good quality, affordable price, easy installation and maintenance, and has won the favor of customers

biomass vaporizer can produce gas with stable composition under the condition of changing coal injection. Molten iron bath has the ability to dissolve sulfur, reducing the content of sulfide in gas components. Domestic vaporizer coal has wide adaptability. Due to the reaction at high temperature, the reaction rate is fast and the production capacity of a single furnace is strong. Salt bath gasification technology mainly uses high-temperature and thermally stable molten salt as the catalytic medium and heat carrier, so that solid fuel can be cracked and partially oxidized in molten salt

in autumn, crops in many places begin to harvest well, and at the same time, many trees begin to wither. At this time, the environmental protection department has to deal with biomass waste. Since the company launched the environmentally friendly biomass gasifier, it has attracted the attention of a large number of scholars and media. At the same time, it has also received a lot of help, and jointly completed the manufacturing of the gasifier, which is also the main reason why jh-2.0 gasifier is recognized

the biomass vaporizer produced by our plant can set the flow of chilled water at the flow value under normal operating conditions, without further adjustment. The overflow water seal of the adjustable gasifier is designed to maintain the preheating water level in the chilling chamber lower than the lower edge of the downcomer and higher than the lower edge of the air duct, which can be observed on site through the glass level gauge. If the preheating water level in the chilling chamber is higher than the lower edge of the downcomer, the amount of air pumped into the gasifier by the extractor will fluctuate greatly

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