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Huge kites can generate electricity and make new breakthroughs in renewable energy editor's note: the kites flown by these scientists are 10 square meters in size, and they work continuously in the air to produce 10 kwh of electricity, which is enough to meet the electricity needs of 10 households

easy to explore August 5 - according to the British guardian, kite flying is just an ancient children's game for most people, but Dutch scientists recently flew giant kites to generate electricity and successfully produced 10 kW of current, marking a new breakthrough in renewable energy research in the scientific community

these scientists are from Delft University of technology in the Netherlands, which is a large industrial technology institution with high popularity in Europe and is known as "Massachusetts Institute of technology in Europe". For most people, the kite flown by these scientists is 10 square meters in size. It works continuously in the air to produce 10 kilowatt hours of electricity, which is enough to meet the electricity needs of 10 households. The kite power generation experiment has been successful. Researchers plan to carry out more complex experiments on this basis. They name this experimental project "laddermill". According to the plan, multiple giant kites will fly into the air together to generate electricity, producing 100 MW of current, which will meet the power needs of 100000 households

professor wubo ockels, a former Dutch astronaut and payload expert, is in charge of the trapezoidal power station project. He said that the "trapezoidal power station" is vividly known as the "air power station", which is actually a number of giant controllable kites flying in the sky, On the engines produced today, "kites fly one kilometer or more above the ground and use the wind there to generate electricity. This power generation method is very cheap (3) Gear opening is a key process advantage. Compared with the wind on the ground, the wind at high altitude carries hundreds of times the energy of the latter. We must make good use of all the resources provided by nature. We need more ways to obtain energy suitable for metal, non-metal, composite materials and products with more physical performance experiments such as stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, tearing and peeling. Kite power generation is a very attractive way. "

Oakes' research and work are not alone, and his move has long been recognized by some institutions. Last year, Google charity () invested $10million in makani kite power company, Professor Oakes' partner, to commend their outstanding contribution to the use of renewable energy. Wind power generation is cheaper than coal power generation. The joint goal of the team led by Professor ox and makani is to fly kites as high as possible, because the wind energy there is relatively sufficient and stable

kencaldeira, a climatologist at Stanford University, predicts that the total energy contained in the wind on the earth is 100 times that required by everyone, but most of these energies are in very high places. However, it is almost impossible to build a standard turbine wind turbine at high altitude. However, kites can easily reach high altitude. In addition, countries such as Britain, the Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark are very suitable for kite power generation. For example, in any part of the UK, from an economic point of view, it is easier to build a kite power plant than a turbine wind power plant

the principle of kite power generation is also very simple. The kite is connected with the generator on the ground through a special cable. The kite flies at high altitude. When the kite flies to the maximum height, the ground personnel control the kite to do back and forth movements in the air, and finally drive the generator on the ground to generate power through the back and forth movements of the kite, The functions and characteristics of this experimental machine can be analyzed. Allisterfurey of the University of Sussex in the UK developed a computer-controlled kite power generation mode, which can maximize the use of kites to generate electricity. UBO oux's system uses this mode. Through this computer mode, multiple giant kites can be well controlled to fly in the sky. When one kite rises, the other will fall, just like a glider. Oakes estimates that the cost of kite power generation per kilowatt hour is about the same as that of coal power generation, less than four pence. Although the cost has no advantage, from an ecological point of view, pollution-free is quite attractive. In addition, the cost of kite power generation is more than 50% less than that of ordinary turbine wind turbines

now many enterprises have started kite power generation. An Italian company named kitegen plans to fly four kites, each with an area of 500 square meters. A spokesman for the British Wind Energy Association welcomed kite power generation, saying that kite power generation can make full use of high-altitude jet flow and wind energy, and this technology has great potential. (Xiaoer)

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