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Application of surfactants in metal surface treatment

metal surface cleaning is to remove all kinds of grease, acid, alkali, salt, dust and other solid dirt and liquid dirt on the metal surface

metal cleaning agents include: water-based cleaning agents, solvent cleaning agents, and alkaline cleaning agents

the size of shore hardness is characterized by the size of L value. The larger the L value is

2.1 surfactants are used for water-based metal cleaning agents

the application principle of surfactants in water-based metal cleaning agents is to weaken or offset the adhesion of oil stains on the metal surface through the wetting, penetration, emulsification, dispersion, solubilization and other properties of surfactants, Through mechanical and physical methods to accelerate the oil to separate from the metal surface and enter the washing liquid, it is convenient to obtain the experimental data of various materials for practical emulsification, dispersion and suspension or solubilization micelles

inorganic additives need to be added for water-based metal cleaning: corrosion inhibitor, cosolvent, foam stabilizer, defoamer, filler, etc

formula: nonylphenol polyvinyl chloride (20) ether 80% oleic acid 8% triacetic acid amine 8% boric acid triacetamide 8% acetic acid monobutyl ether 8% silicone defoamer 0.2% water residue when used, dilute to 5% note: the above percentage is the mass ratio

2.2 surfactants are used for alkaline metal cleaners

in order to improve the decontamination ability of alkaline cleaners, a small amount of surfactants are added to emulsify mineral oil that cannot undergo saponification reaction into the lotion

formula: alkyl sulfonate 1% silicon dioxide 3% sulfur dioxide urea 5% sodium tripolyphosphate 40% sodium carbonate 51% note: the above percentage is the mass ratio

suggestions for the overhaul of this method have also been included in the legislative plan

when using g/l

3 surfactant, which is Jinan testing machine factory? For phosphating treatment

surfactant can make the phosphating film crystal fine, dense and surface adjustment in the phosphating process

formula: mareff salt g/l zinc dihydrogen phosphate g/l zinc nitrate hexahydrate g/l sodium nitrite g/l sodium nitrate 1g/l sodium phosphate dodecahydrate 1.58g/l octylphenol polyoxyethylene () ether 0.5g/l sodium bicarbonate 1.58g/l pine oil 0.5g/l free acidity point total acidity point time 8min

4 surfactant used for acid washing

a large amount of acid mist will be produced in the acid washing process, which will not only affect the health of workers, but also pollute the environment, but also corrode plants and equipment, In order to improve the derusting effect of pickling and prevent acid from over corrosion, surfactant is added to sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid in the pickling solution to inhibit acid mist, speed up pickling speed and prevent over corrosion

formula: hydrochloric acid% nitric acid% nonylphenol polyoxyethylene 0.%

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