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Klckner invested 5.5 million euros to add 8000 tons of polyester capacity

the multinational film manufacturer klckner pentaplast group will soon announce the latest details of its global expansion plans in 2013 and 2014

the company recently announced that it would spend 45.6 million euros ($60million) to expand capacity in Europe, China and Brazil

its plant in Newport, UK, will add a production line, increase the polyester film production capacity by 8000 tons, and add 15 employees. The total investment is 6million euros. In Portugal, klckner will invest 5.5 million euros to add 8000 tons of polyester capacity

the remaining funds will be invested in China (6600 tons of new shrink film capacity) and Brazil (1200 tons of new coating and lamination capacity)

a few weeks before announcing the expansion, Bloomberg reported that strategic value partners investment group (an American company that acquired Klockner penoncaptm antifogging additive last year, which can prevent water droplets from converging in the package of taplast) was approaching financial companies Goldman Sachs Group and Jeffrey group to find buyers for the company

klckner pentaplas announced plans to invest in China, Brazil and Portugal in November 2012, less than four months after the company was acquired by SVP

Klckner pentaplast company is headquartered in montabaur, Germany. A total of 300 companies in the world also need to complete the development and research from routine experiments to new materials. People all need to evaluate the performance of some small materials and parts, and effectively inspect more than 0 employees and 17 factories

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