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Knowledge management and team learning in the era of knowledge economy, the competitive advantage of enterprises comes from knowledge, skills, innovation and continuous learning. To achieve sustainable development, enterprises must strengthen knowledge management, pay attention to the progress of employees, and employees must be used to sharing knowledge if they want to make progress. Therefore, when talking about corporate culture, we must first talk about learning culture. Promote enterprise development with employee growth, promote employee progress with enterprise development, promote knowledge management, advocate learning culture, and build learning organization

In short, knowledge management is the process of knowledge development and knowledge sharing. Enterprises must establish a unique knowledge system, and constantly carry out knowledge development, and through sharing within the enterprise, so that employees can make common progress, and finally promote the rapid development of the enterprise

knowledge system is the foundation of knowledge management. With a knowledge system, employees can more clearly describe knowledge needs, and organizations can also systematically strengthen or develop, manage and promote knowledge. For example, the curriculum system released by the company in the early stage is a form of knowledge system, which marks the establishment of the company's knowledge system. On the one hand, the curriculum system provides a bridge between learning needs and resource supply, providing students with the choice of curriculum resources; On the other hand, it classifies the types of important knowledge and skills, and distinguishes the degree of all kinds of knowledge and skills, which provides a structural direction for lecturers' textbook development for nearly 10 years

knowledge development is the key of knowledge management. Most enterprises or individuals mistakenly believe that knowledge development is only a matter of training management departments. In fact, knowledge development includes the responsibilities and obligations of all employees, including training managers, internal part-time lecturers and trainees, especially managers, who must pay high attention to and participate in it. In general, knowledge development is generally reflected in curriculum development. These tasks are promoted by the training management department, undertaken by all lecturers, and students can put forward specific needs of the curriculum. Among them, managers at all levels must first undertake the corresponding curriculum development work and jointly promote the company's knowledge development work, which requires a high degree of awareness and a clear sense of team learning

Knowledge sharing is the core of knowledge management. To spend a lot of effort to develop and refine knowledge, we need to let employees learn, realize and use it. The reality of knowledge sharing seems to be caused by the lack of knowledge and understanding of material properties, which is jointly completed by knowledge providers such as lecturers, recipients such as trainees and training managers. The implementation of training projects can only provide employees with learning opportunities and resources, but students need employees to learn to learn when they realize and use them, which is the key to knowledge sharing

therefore, when talking about knowledge management, we have to talk about team learning, and the soul of team learning lies in the consciousness of team learning. First of all, talk about training awareness. As a lecturer, you must clearly know your own advantages, actively promote them, and create greater value for employees and enterprises through internal transactions. You can't complain about the weak ability of subordinates and be unwilling to actively provide training. Then talk about the sense of learning purpose. As students, they must have a clear sense of learning, subdivide the training needs, and clarify the learning objectives. They cannot have too high expectations or requirements for training or lecturers. They are required to have both theory and practice, both rigorous and relaxed. Such mentality can only destroy their own mentality. Jiangsu Jinfa science and technology new material Co., Ltd., invested by Jinfa science and technology group, affects the effect of personal learning and even knowledge sharing

in fact, it is not difficult to master the awareness of team learning, but to take the first step. If all of us can fully realize the expectations of the enterprise and what we should have, we can actively participate in the practice of knowledge development and knowledge sharing, which are all eternal laws, and learn and improve together with our colleagues, and progress and develop together with the company

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