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On the afternoon of May 11, China Tobacco Association, Henan Xinzheng tobacco group company and Beijing Wanjiang Technology Co., Ltd. jointly held an information conference on the new packaging of "red flag canal" special health cigarette packs

at the meeting, Xinzheng tobacco introduced the use of the product to the delegates: the steel bar tensile testing machine is a special testing equipment for food packaging. A new, hygienic and fashionable cigarette box packaging - special hygiene, which gradually weakens the new packaging of raw cigarette boxes in the middle. This "sanitary cigarette box" is opened from the side of the cigarette box, the opening surface of the cigarette box body is set parallel to the longitudinal axis of the cigarette, and there is a groove on the filter tip side of the opening surface that is convenient for the outward movement of cigarettes, The cut tobacco end has a closed surface to prevent the cigarette from falling out at will. This design makes it natural for people to only hold the middle of the cigarette when taking it out of the cigarette box, avoiding the contact between hands and the filter tip, and effectively preventing bacteria from spreading through the filter tip. The new packaging was highly concerned and widely praised by the participants, who believed that it was very likely to create a new generation of cigarette packaging

Xinzheng tobacco has become the first domestic and even global tobacco enterprise to adopt this packaging technology to build a green recycling system industry, but there is no finished product on the market at present. It is reported that the cigarette case was designed by Beijing Wanjiang Technology Co., Ltd. and has applied for an invention patent

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