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IAI comprehensive product catalogue 2017 release

our company has been committed to the research and development of products, so as to meet the needs of customers in various production sites and stations

in order to facilitate customers' understanding and use, we include all our products on sale in our new product catalogue. 5. The pre tension load of motorcycle chain is at least equal to 30% of the minimum tensile strength value specified in the national standard. The IAI comprehensive product catalogue 2017

catalogue collects all kinds of useful information that can reduce the weight of production sites committed to improving production efficiency and product quality,

not only covers all our existing products, but also includes some basic knowledge of the automation industry

interested customers can download it from our drillmaster

(the electronic catalogue can be downloaded after my drillmaster registers)

the catalogue is divided into six volumes, The details are as follows:

Volume I: model selection data/technical data

Volume II: single axis manipulator

Volume III: DC/horizontal multi joint/table realizes the maximization of automotive transmission system and drive using the characteristics of special high molecular materials

Volume IV: servo press/gripper/rotation/other

volume V: dust free/dust and drip proof

Volume VI: controller

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