The hottest i robot won the 9th wuwenjun AI techno

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Small I robot won the 9th wuwenjun AI science and technology progress award

recently, the list of winners of wuwenjun AI science and technology award, which is known as the highest award of intelligent science and technology in China, was officially announced, and more than 80 scientific and technological achievements stood out from the final defense. With its excellent technological innovation ability and mature business, small I robot should use vanadium electrolyte with a concentration of 1.5 ⑴ in most vanadium battery manufacturers 7 mol/l capacity won the 9th wuwenjun AI science and Technology Progress Award (enterprise technology innovation engineering project)

xiaoi robot won the 9th wuwenjun AI science and Technology Progress Award (enterprise technology innovation engineering project)

according to the regulations on wuwenjun AI science and Technology Award: wuwenjun AI science and technology progress award is awarded. Through technological innovation and management innovation, it can create a core technology industry with proprietary intellectual property rights or a famous intelligent product brand, Project units and achievement achievers who promote the creation of major economic and social benefits by China's intelligent technology products. At the same time, Wu Wenjun's artificial intelligence science and technology progress award enterprise technology innovation engineering project also attaches importance to the need for enterprise engineering units to have excellent systems and mechanisms to support the innovation of key industrial technologies, common technologies and supporting technologies and stimulate the innovative spirit of employees. In these aspects, the ability of small I robot is well deserved

small I robot contributes to the ecological development of the industry with the technological innovation and commercial landing of cognitive intelligence

small I robot, as an artificial intelligence company with a high integration of technological innovation and commercial applications, has pioneered intelligent customer service robots in the field of large banks, telecom operators and government public services. In terms of technological innovation, it solves the problems of priority of natural language processing ability and low training efficiency under the original single model, Moreover, at the application level, it has led to the formation of a perfect industrial ecosystem

in addition, small I robot continues to focus on the industrialized application of cognitive intelligence, providing customers of different sizes and industries with highly customized customer service robots, cloud intelligent robot platforms and other different types of products, as well as auxiliary seats, intelligent knowledge bases, intelligent analysis platforms and other customer service auxiliary tools. At present, the innovative applications in NLP, language analysis and understanding, knowledge engineering and intelligent big data have been at the forefront of the industry. In the market where the traditional customer service and call center are intelligently transformed by using a large number of polystyrene boards and polyurethane systems, the market share of small I robots has long maintained a leading position, covering three major operators, large commercial banks and well-known enterprises at home and abroad

in addition to its mature commercial application capabilities, small I robots have also been continuously improving their innovation capabilities and core technological capabilities, and have also achieved fruitful results in forward-looking intellectual property layout and technical standardization. In addition to domestic and foreign patent applications and patent authorizations, it has led the formulation of the world's first international standard for emotional interaction and a number of national standards for human-computer interaction, participated in various international AI competition lists, and achieved good results, contributing to the international influence of Chinese AI enterprises

because the single column tensile testing machine is often used, Wu Wenjun AI science and technology award

Wu Wenjun AI science and technology award, named after Mr. Wu Wenjun, a reliable developer and leader, and the winner of the first national highest science and technology award, should be established with the approval of the Ministry of science and technology, Sponsored by the China artificial intelligence society, a National Association, it rewards units and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to intelligent science and technology activities, so as to continuously promote innovation and development in the field of intelligent science and technology in China. This award is known as the highest award of intelligent science and technology in China and represents the highest honor symbol in the field of artificial intelligence. Since its establishment in 2011, scholars and enterprises from Tsinghua University, Nankai University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Baidu and other well-known institutions have received this honor

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