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I5 intelligent machine tools help Hebei glass mold enterprises take off

snow beer, Great Wall dry red wine, Gujing tribute wine, Haitian soy sauce, water tower vinegar, Lao Ganma These condiments and wine products that often appear on people's tables and wine tables must be familiar to everyone, but you may not know that these daily condiments and wine products UL has issued UL inspection and verification marks for TVs, monitors, laptops, LED lighting equipment and other products, but the mold manufacturing of glass bottles comes from the same manufacturer - Hebei Andy Mold Co., Ltd. In the first half of this year, despite the continuous downturn in the domestic glass mold industry, Andy mold bucked the trend and increased by 20%, giving users a real report card. Two months ago, the author and his party walked into Andy mold to explore the growth secrets of this leading Hebei glass mold enterprise

under the leadership of Zhang Shengde, chairman of Andy mold, the author walked into the production workshop of the enterprise, and the mold products made of various metal materials were neatly placed on the production line according to the serial number. Zhang Shengde said that at present, they are rushing to make the mold production order of Laoganma pickle glass bottle. Although the construction period is tight, they don't seem to be nervous. "With the i5 intelligent machine tool automatic production line, the efficiency and quality of our mold products are guaranteed. After receiving the order, we don't have to worry about the delay in delivery caused by frequent equipment failures and inconsistent production rhythms due to a slight right turn and continued driving 470 meters along the G220." As he said, he took the author to a corner of the workshop. The processing equipment with the label of Shenyang Machine Tool i5 intelligent machine tool formed eight mold processing production lines. The original impression that the mold product production workshop was crowded and covered with oil stains no longer exists. More than 50 CNC processing equipment with exquisite appearance made the production workshop of Andy company seem to be a modern processing workshop

Zhang Shengde said that more than 90% of the daily necessities in the domestic market are made by mold production and meeting social needs. In recent years, these enhanced functions of domestic glass mold can be used in many fields. The field once became a fat meat of the mold industry, and many small and medium-sized enterprises swarmed in, "but what really wants to do well in the glass mold industry is equipment."

in order to maintain its long-term leading edge in the north of the Yangtze River, since last year, Zhang Shengde began to study and purchase the most advanced CNC processing equipment to improve the quality of products. After purchasing the i5 intelligent machine tool equipment from Shenyang machine tool, Zhang Shengde found that the domestic equipment has been fully capable of replacing the imported equipment, and the stability and sustainability of product processing can fully meet the needs of enterprises

"our mold products are famous for their high precision. The precision of Shenyang i5 intelligent machine tool can meet our requirements, and the product has a high cost performance." Zhang Shengde said that over the past year, the stable accuracy of i5 intelligent machine tool has made Andy mold hold his head high when users accept products

at the same time, the automatic processing unit of i5 intelligent machine tool also greatly reduces the labor intensity of Andy's workers. "It used to be that one person was terribly tired of operating a machine tool. Now a worker can easily look after two or three machine tools." Zhang Shengde walked through a long assembly line and was very satisfied with the current production pattern. At present, the decline in the production intensity of Andy's workshop has also greatly reduced the labor cost and labor demand of the enterprise, and the enterprise is no longer worried about recruitment. Zhang Shengde told the author that he spent the saved human costs on the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, which made the enterprise more sustainable

how about the product? The market will talk. Since the beginning of this year, due to the continuous upgrading of enterprise processing equipment, they have also received orders from many high-end customers from overseas. "At present, major customers from Thailand, Russia, Poland, Australia and other countries have come to us to provide samples and seek further cooperation." The new customer order made Zhang Shengde happy. "After using the sophisticated i5 intelligent equipment, the overall quality of our products has been greatly improved. After comprehensive consideration, customers in the industry determined that the quality of our products is about 10% to 30% higher than that of their peers. You know, in the mold industry, good quality and long service life of mold products can help customer manufacturers save costs." Zhang Shengde took out a finished product from a user who produces beer bottles in Europe and told the author that the seam line of the glass bottle body produced with the mold provided by Andy company is smaller, more accurate and more beautiful than similar products

the full amount of orders has continuously boosted Andy's purchase demand for equipment. Zhang Shengde revealed that in order to meet the continuous explosion of orders, he plans to rearrange 4 to 5 automatic production lines composed of i5 intelligent machine tools in the workshop. By the end of next year, the enterprise will have 20 automatic production lines of i5 intelligent machine tools. "In addition to the automatic line, we will also purchase several i5 five axis machining centers. In this way, in the future, we can complete all processes on our line with only one equipment, and the results of staff reduction and efficiency increase will be more obvious." Such a large procurement target will not bring too much financial pressure to Andy mold. Chairman Zhang Shengde said that now buying machine tools can also be paid in installments like buying a house. "The more than 10 million equipment funds we purchased before were paid in installments by Shenyang machine tools. We first paid the down payment for the equipment, and then paid the equipment payment monthly." And this novel sales model is being accepted by many small and medium-sized enterprises like Andy mold in the country

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