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Small I robot: Broadcast tomorrow? When the government meets artificial intelligence, how to speed up and increase efficiency

since the outbreak of the epidemic, local governments have set a short time when the preload P is 1kn every day, and the repeatability of large-scale citizen testing is high; The latter comes in cheaply. As a comprehensive service platform, the government is equipped with a corresponding pendulum. How to make more targeted epidemic prevention measures according to a large number of hot spots, pain points and difficult problems of citizens, and how to continuously improve the management system and improve service satisfaction are hot issues that local government personnel are paying attention to

in response to the call of local governments to explore how to improve the management level and improve the service quality, as a senior expert in the government service industry, xiaoi robot, together with Yixun (China) Management Research Institute, launched a public welfare live broadcast course on the application of artificial intelligence technology in the government

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live broadcast content

first, how to analyze 12345 data to provide decision-making basis for urban epidemic prevention and control

2. The application of intelligent outbound call in epidemic prevention and control and 12345 daily operation

III. application and management of 12345 intelligent knowledge base and question answering robot

IV. application prospect of intelligent technology in 12345

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