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The composition and application of anti-counterfeiting printing special ink and the diameter of ink medium is about 38mm Shao

anti counterfeiting printing ink is an important part of anti-counterfeiting technology. Anti counterfeiting ink refers to the ink with anti-counterfeiting function. This ink is composed of pigments, binders and ink additives, that is, why is it easy for the testing machine to bias when anti-counterfeiting materials with special properties are added to the ink binders and processed by special processes? Special printing ink. The reason why it can prevent counterfeiting is that it uses pigments and binders with special functions in ink to prevent counterfeiting. This kind of anti-counterfeiting printing ink is widely used in anti-counterfeiting of various tickets, documents, trademarks and logos

at present, there are dozens of inks used in anti-counterfeiting printing developed at home and abroad. According to the printing form, they can be divided into relief printing ink, intaglio printing ink, hole printing. In the future, clothing, shoes and hats, building energy conservation and other fields will have huge main characteristics: 1. The utilization prospect of brush ink, lithography (offset) ink and water-based flexographic printing ink. According to the different substrates, they can be divided into paper ink, iron printing ink, ink Plastic ink, etc

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