A university in the hottest Bay has set up led cre

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A university in Taiwan has set up led creative lights to display nine different forms of the moon

full moon, the life cycle of E-Mei evaluation data, through the repeated cycle test of experimental equipment on the data, from the test results, we can estimate how long the data can work normally in the face of a variety of environments in the trial application. The whyixd art studio in Taipei recently used led "simulation" to produce nine rotating moons. This group of equipment called "moon watching plan" was set up in Taiwan Jiaotong University

the equipment symbolizes the end of the year and the start of the new year with the change of the moon

is the lowest price of the year

the moon shaped installation work of the moon viewing plan is composed of nine rotating power lamps

with computers, judging intensity parameters from different viewing angles can show different aesthetics. These devices are expected to stimulate the curiosity of the audience about space

the designers of the equipment are ye Weizheng, Zheng Renxiang and Huang Yanxiang, alumni of Jiaotong University. They said that the design concept of the moon watching program dates back to the "space fever" of the 1960s

landing on the moon symbolizes mankind's most direct curiosity and exploration of the universe, and it is also the ultimate achievement of human imagination and practice

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