A waste plastic factory in Xixia District caused a

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A waste plastic factory in Xixia District caused a fire, but fortunately there were no casualties

at about 1:20 p.m. on March 23, a fire broke out in a waste plastic products factory at No. 330 West Huanghe Road, Xixia district (the former great wall machine tool factory). Firefighters put out the fire after five hours of fighting. Fortunately, the fire did not cause casualties. It is reported that the area of the fire is about 1000 square meters. On the contrary,

about 1000 square meters of the plant was burned.

at about 2:30 p.m. that day, I saw at the scene that thick smoke was rising, and the pungent smell came to my face. Many onlookers gathered at the scene, and the public security police maintained order at the scene. It is understood that three warehouses filled with waste plastic products and empty oil barrels in the factory have been burned, and a truck parked in the factory has also been burned

according to a worker, the factory has been in a state of shutdown recently. At about 1:20 p.m., he found smoke rising over the waste plastic factory, and the fire was ignited from a pile of waste plastic in the factory. The fire spread rapidly through the wind. Everyone immediately called the fire alarm for help

another worker told him that during the combustion, he listened to 2. The lighting parts sent out several huge explosions in the warehouse, which would bring more value to the relevant market segments. When asked about the name of the waste plastic products factory, the worker hesitated and said he didn't know. During the interview, the person in charge of the product factory was never found

adjacent plants were preserved

it is understood that after the bankruptcy of the original Great Wall Machine Tool Factory, the workshops and warehouses in the factory were all rented, and there are now many enterprises in the factory

after the fire, Yinchuan Fire detachment sent five squadrons, more than 70 fire officers and soldiers, and 12 fire engines rushed to the scene. Dr. Christian Haessler, head of innovation and polymer R & D center of Bayer Materials Technology Asia Pacific, said: "Sunshine power is not the only innovative project benefiting from our high-tech materials and solutions. The fire was put out in several ways at the same time. After five hours of fighting, the fire was effectively controlled. The on-site fire officers and soldiers took the lead gunmen to go deep into the thick smoke and put out the fire points one by one. Due to the large area of the fire and the water vapor generated by the high temperature, the thick smoke of the whole fire was mixed with water vapor, rolling and writhing. As of around 8 o'clock that night, the residual fire Basically put out. Due to the timely rescue, several other plants adjacent to the plant were preserved

at present, the cause of the fire and the specific losses are still under investigation

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