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Guan Yafeng: 13 details that determine the success or failure of domestic instruments

on May 21, 2014, the 12th China International Scientific Instruments and laboratory equipment exhibition (Cisile 2014) opened in Beijing

in the General Assembly report, Guan Yafeng, chairman of the analytical instrument branch of the China instrumentation society, said: "Two ways to eliminate it: a few years ago, I asked 13 detailed questions about the design process of the instrument to many domestic instrument manufacturers, hoping that they could give answers to the data processing of Ran laggard, but until today, I haven't received any feedback from any domestic instrument manufacturers. No way, today I take this opportunity to 'ask and answer' to give the answers to these 13 questions."

these 13 details focus on the electronic circuit design, material selection, optical design and other three links in the process of instrument development

among them, six problems in electronic circuit design include the body resistance and surface resistance of printed circuit board (PCB), the influence of small resistance and temperature coefficient of solder joints on PCB on the bridge, the electromotive force generated by solder joint thermocouples and the temperature coefficient of the electromotive force, the contact resistance of plug-ins, the temperature coefficient of copper wire resistance, etc

the four problems in the material selection of instruments include the thermal conductivity of materials, the coefficient of thermal expansion of materials, the deformation internal stress and cold flow characteristics of materials, and the chemical and synchronic properties of materials

three problems in optical design include microbubbles and impurities in optical glass devices, reflection of optical path wall, optical path sealing, etc

at first glance, these are trivial details, which are easy to be ignored by instrument designers. "But it is these small details that determine the success or failure of domestic instruments when assembling and conditioning instruments." Guan Yafeng finally stressed

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