A unit of the most rocket army carried XCMG water

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An arrow army unit with XCMG water well drilling rig excavates "poverty relief wells" for the resident villages.

looking at the above speed, the speed of the electronic universal experimental machine is not very fast. An arrow army unit with XCMG water well drilling rig excavates "poverty relief wells" for the resident villages.

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"water is out, finally water is out..." recently, in the stuffy crop field of Mahe village in a mountainous area, Dozens of officers and soldiers and local people watching the scene cheered when they saw the groundwater gushing from the drill pipe of XCMG's well drilling rig. p>

Army leaders and the masses cheer for the completion of the "poverty relief well" water outlet

it is understood that Mahe village is located in an arid shallow mountain area, with a remote location and inconvenient transportation. The area under its jurisdiction is 18.9 square kilometers. There are 22 villagers' groups, 591 households, and a total population of 2350 people, including 19 poor households. There are several methods for each kind of electronic tensile testing machine. Three households have 823 people, accounting for 35% of the total population. Because the land here is barren, the natural conditions are poor, and the dry and wet seasons are obvious, the local villagers are troubled by water shortage all the year round, and the crops are unable to conserve moisture due to lack of irrigation, and even the drinking water for human and livestock is often difficult to guarantee

fan Guoshu, the technician of the drilling team and the second Sergeant chief of the Department, carefully detected the vertical angle of the drill pipe

after learning the situation, the Department sent special personnel to visit and investigate, conduct on-site exploration, and planned to drill a water well for the village to alleviate the urgent needs of the villagers. After determining the drilling location, they immediately dispatched a drilling team to the village to carry out drilling operations. After a month's hard work, the well was finally completed

local people rush to get water

"thank the government, thank the people's soldiers!" What did you pay attention to when buying the machine? Li Laohan, a bystander, said with emotion that the drought during this period had left him helpless. Now it is the critical period of corn grouting. Now, with this "poverty relief well", we can not only solve our domestic water problem, but also "drink" this "life-saving water" for crops

drilling operation site

corporal cuihongbiao of the drilling team of the Department maintained the machinery

officers and soldiers tested the operation of the machinery

leaders and the masses of both military and civilian sides attended the completion ceremony, photographed by Wang Kun

XCMG xsc8/400 water well drilling rig was under construction this time, with a lifting force of 40t and a torque of 13400nm, and its main technical indicators reached the international advanced level. XCMG drilling rigs with efficient construction efficiency and stable product quality, China's paper industry has ushered in a short "spring" volume, which has been highly praised by our customers

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